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About Us

Our company was founded in a small village near Sea of Galilee; the owners were born for a Christian family, and raised in Galilee.

Our company is specialized in tours and journeys for our great holy land and we care to make all the world knows, see and visit our historical, religious and cultural sites.

The Holy land is a sacred space, the main monotheistic faiths believe, God entered into a relationship with the human race,

the holy land is junction of Africa, Asia and Europe, made it a corridor between East and West — and a much-trampled prize for conquering armies. Much blood has been spilt on its holy ground,

this is the land described by God in Exodus 3:8 as “flowing with milk and honey” (that would have been sheep or goat milk and date honey).

Visiting the Holy Land is a life changing experience for each participant in your group. Walking in the footsteps of Jesus makes the Bible come alive in a completely new way.

We offer the best services, hotels, Guest houses, best of the practiced and academic tours guide, the best modern buses which is designed especially for the comfort of the customers in the long journeys, in addition to arranging meetings with Christians and Jewish Families in the holy land.

Our vast experience includes work with churches, universities and Bible schools, as well as with multi-faith groups.

Our company is committed to the best Services.